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"Friendship Goals"

Friends. We all have at least one. They are those magical creatures that are there when you need help. They can be people, that we talk to everyday or people we don't see for months. They can be male, female or any other gender. But some of us have a really hard time, finding real friends. So today I'll be talking about finding friends. Enjoy! Do you remember what it was at kindergarten. Making friends was the easiest thing. You just go and start playing with someone and 5 minutes later you two are calling each other a friend. But as we grow older that gets harder. People close themselves off. At one point it becomes hard to ask people on the street for the time. What changes? Why can't we always be like in kindergarten? "Well, - some people would say - we grow up." That is somewhat correct, but I think that it is not everything. I think that, as we grow up, we see more and more betrayal, lies and talking behind the back. That makes us more and more careful, unt…

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